Years 5 and 6: Calligrams and Shape Poems

Unit 3 –Shape Poems

Simple Shape Poem

During this unit the students investigated different types of shape poems.

We started by looking at simple shape poems like the one in the photo above. This was an introduction to shape poems and a way of practicing following, reading and writing instructions.

The students had to remember ‘how to make a shape poem’. Then they had to write instructions for making a simple shape poem. Then we used a video camera to film a demonstration of ‘how to make a shape poem’.

Here are some of the student’s videos:

First is Zakaria from year 6. He made a real effort to learn the instructions and completed his instructions without looking at the help sheet – well done! Zakaria also then took over the filming of the other videos. Well Done!

Here are some more videos from Y6:

Next we investigated different adjectives. We had to think of adjectives that were more unusual or exciting. We made mind-maps of the new adjectives.

Then we looked at similes. We used the internet to find out what a simile is and to research examples of similes.

Here are some more examples from Year 5:

–          “FC Barcelona are as good as Real Madrid” (Joshua, year 5)

–          “I eat like an eagle” (Joshua, year 5)

–          “Joshua is as light as a feather” (Aaron, year 5)

–          “Alexis is dangerous like a volcano” (Aaron, year 5)

–          “My life is like a dream” (Aaron, year 5)

Next the students chose an object or person that is important to them and thought about similes and adjectives they could use to describe this thing.

Here is a lovely example from Alexis:

Next we will write a new shape poem using more complex adjectives and descriptions. Then we will record our poems as MP3s so that you can listen to them.

BC Curriculum Reading and Writing References:

-choose and prepare poems for performance, identifying appropriate expression, tone and other sounds.

– collect suitable words and phrases in order to write poems and short descriptions, design simple patterns with words, use repetitive phrases, write imaginative comparisons.

– to invent calligrams and a range of shape poems selecting appropriate words and careful presentations. Build up class collections.


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2 responses to “Years 5 and 6: Calligrams and Shape Poems

  1. catherineaileen

    Hello, I´m very sorry to Zineb and Manuela for the poor sound quality on your video. My camera is very old and unreliable BUT I remember that you both did a great job and demonstrated how to make a shape poem in a very clear way. Well done.

  2. XAVI


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